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A rapper’s thoughts on kicking it

Ali Shaheed Muhammad is an American hip hop DJ, record producer, and rapper, best known as a member of A Tribe Called Quest. In this fascinating, reflective and deeply humane conversation, he talks about the deaths of his grandmother, his father – an Imam who worked in the US prison sentence – his artistic collaborator, Phife Dawg, and … a pet salamander.

A moment that changed me: my wife and I had resolved to marry 22 times. Her death was devastating

The wedding and travel plans of Fleur Pierets were destroyed when her wife was diagnosed with multiple brain tumours. In this article in The Guardian, she talks about love, loss and the celebration of a life well-lived.

What actually is palliative care? And how is it different to end-of-life care?

“Palliative care provides a time to ask some usually taboo questions,” writes Western Australian researcher Samar Aoun. “What kind of death do you want to experience? Who is in your personal network? How will they respond to your life ending? What kind of support can they offer?” Read more in her story in The Conversation.

Can you be frozen at death, and brought back in the future?

Around 500 people, mostly in the US, have paid huge amounts of money to be frozen at death in the hope that one day the technology will exist to bring them back to life. Alas, as Laurie Clarke reports in MIT Technology Review, it’s a hope placed much more in science fiction than science fact.

Looking back and smiling as early death approaches

US writer Amy Ettinger is dying from a rare and aggressive cancer. The diagnosis shocked, confused and angered her, but on reflection, she told The Washington Post, she has no regrets about the life she has lived.

Booklet contains useful advice on grief and loss for families when someone dies in aged care

Recently, researchers at Flinders University in South Australia created a free easy-to-read booklet on dealing with grief and loss when someone dies in aged care. It is based on a mixture of health expert advice and the lessons drawn from people who have been through the process of mourning such a passing.