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I’ve received an end of life diagnosis

If you need end-of-life care, this website has been created to support you, your friends and family.

I’m caring for someone with a life-limiting illness

The news that a loved one or friend is dying is devastating, and the decision to devote time to caring for them is momentous.

What not to say to someone who is grieving

It’s difficult to know what to say to someone who is bereaved, or even whether to say anything at all.

How to read about death without crying

What happens to our physical remains when we die? How does nature take its course – and how is that affected by our choices about how we are treated after death?

From mummification to sky burials: why we need death rituals

All cultures and religions have rituals of one sort or another, and those around death are particularly important and widespread. In this article from The Conversation Dr. Jonathan Jong, from Coventry University in the UK, looks at various death rituals and helps us to understand their important social and psychological benefits.

Finding help in the first dark days

Receiving an end-of-life diagnosis is shattering. But the impact is one that can be shared, and help is available from the first moment onwards. For body and mind, there are professionals available for patients, family, and carers, throughout the journey.