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Talking with other people is great for your wellbeing. This section helps you find support from professionals, social groups and community centres.

Talking to people is a great way to relieve stress and build friendships at the same time. It can especially make a difference to people who are ill, depressed, grieving or lonely. Precious Time lists services for a wide range of people and situations. Most are open to all types of people, including people with a specific illness, carers, friends, family and people who are grieving. There are services for communities, cultural groups and people who speak languages other than English.

Conversation starters

Intimacy and relationships

Illness can affect how someone feels about intimacy and relationships. Many people find it hard to start talking about it. Surroundings and changes to your body can affect how you feel about your sense of self, your sexuality and your relationships. Here are some examples of things to think or talk about.

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Conversation starters

Who are the most important people in your life?

Families and friends are an important part of many people's lives. Some relationships can also be difficult. Here are some ways to start a conversation and give someone a chance to talk about which people are most important to them right now.

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