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Planning for the future can give you confidence and avoid problems later on. This section has information and services to help you make legal, medical and practical decisions.

Precious Time lists many services that can help you plan ahead. These include organisations that can help with finances, legal matters, advance care planning, and funeral services. Some provide a specialist service, while others provide education. Precious Time includes services that offer help in languages other than English, and for people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Conversation starters

How involved would you like to be in decisions about your care?

Some people like to be involved in every decision about their care. Some people prefer to leave it to others. The most important thing is that the person who is dying gets to have a say and be as in control as they want to be. Here are some examples of things to think or talk about.

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Conversation starters

How involved would you like your family and carers to be in decisions about your care?

Family, friends and carers can help someone who is dying feel comfortable. But problems can happen when people have different views. Ultimately, the dying person should decide who is involved in making decisions. Here are some examples of things to think or talk about.

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How do I organise a funeral?

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